Three Important Questions…to change your life!

Since the launch of my website, eBook and professional speaking I’ve had some incredible conversations, satisfying lunches and old and new colleagues have been connecting with me for several opportunities. I’ve been able to deliver some pretty cool (and fun) keynotes, training and presentations on how to live and BE Exceptional.

People are loving it and that makes me super happy – and I’m working harder than I ever have before, so thank you!

If you haven’t had a chance to browse through my (free) eBook here it is. It’s interactive and very simple to follow, complete and execute.

I want to ask you a few simple and honest questions but before I do, I want to share why I’m asking you…

In the past, with my businesses and professional career, at times I felt like I was running in circles and realized (out of breath no less) that I’m right back in the same place I started…(has the ever happened to you?).

Until I answered these three questions honestly and completely…

I used to always blame it on something…perhaps my lack of the ability to hear, or some other excuse I made up to make me feel better and avoid the truth.

At that time (about 10 years ago), I was unfocused, my health was deteriorating, and I wasn’t feeling fulfilled…relationships weren’t clicking, money wasn’t being made (at least not enough) and I had to face some hard, personal truths…

Then (I still remember it clearly) I looked myself in the mirror (kind of angrily) and said “Things will only change – when I decide to change” and I repeated it over and over…then I committed to begin my journey of self-discovery, physical fulfillment and ultimately maximum personal improvement. I just DECIDED I was going to be BETTER than I was yesterday, KEEP doing it and building momentum around that. I dived into books, found some mentors and tracked my progress. Yes, I tracked it meticulously…

And amazingly, it actually worked…

I always remember that time and now I think to myself – If I can do it…then I can certainly help others to do it! That is the very reason you’re reading this post.

It feels AMAZING to see the people I train, teach and work with develop, transform and change for the better and live their life at The Exceptional Level.

Here are the questions that can (potentially) change your life for the better…

What is the ONE THING you can do right now to get yourself to the Next Level in your personal life, career or physical well-being?

What has been holding you back from getting there?

What will you do GOING FORWARD to reach your Next Level?

Answering these can be tough – but it’s a Game Changer….

Now it’s your turn. Your chance. Your time.

If you know someone that’s looking to change, to improve and become an Exceptional Human Being (other than yourself) – then forward them this post…NOW! They will thank you for it.

Love what you’re doing with your life and live it at the Exceptional Level.

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