June 26, 2016


Over the years I’ve had the honor and opportunity to inspire, encourage and develop hundreds of audiences from colleges to large corporations.  Whether you are a small business, a thriving company or an educational institution, my story, experiences and presentations will help raise you and your teams to The EXCEPTIONAL Level.




Here’s what you can expect from me at your event:

Prepare to be inspired.

I’ve overcome quite a bit for myself but more than that I want to share with you HOW I did it and how you and your team will reach the EXCEPTIONAL level.  My approach is simple yet passionate and I will help guide your event to drive the change you’re looking for.

Prepare for an incredible experience.

Since the beginning, the only thing I’ve ever known was hard work and that’s what I will bring to you.  I will work hard to make sure your audience is engaged, listening and attentive to what THEY need to do to become greater.  As I presenter I use a variety of stories, encourage audience volunteering and use real life examples to help bring the key points alive and easily understandable.

Prepare for the real deal.

I’ve known my fair share of trainers and presenters that are great at speaking but they seem to lack the substance necessary when working with them off stage.  Both off-stage and on, you are working with the real me, and the same persona.  I know what it takes to plan an event and my presentations are very low maintenance and quite simple.  No bells, whistles, musical instruments, light shows, or whatever.  Just me and my Hearing Dog Plato, and a working microphone with a solid A/V display.  That’s it!

I’d love to see how we can work together for your next event, training or team-builder!

Sample Speaking Topics

I speak on several engaging and thought-provoking topics including:

Exceptional Personal and Leadership Branding (How to develop and live your Exceptional Brand)

Exceptional Millennials (Marketing and Leading the Next Generation Workforce)

The Exceptional Leader (Leadership Training for Everyone)

Building Exceptional Awareness (Hidden Disability Awareness and Diversity Training)

Exceptional Balance and Lifestyle (Lifestyle training to create a healthy, balanced and focused life)

My team and I are able to present workshops, keynotes and key training for audiences of all sizes.  We’ve done as little as 10 to over 1,000!

I would love to connect with you on how I can help you accomplish your goals and leave your audience inspired.

For more information and how to connect with my team directly please fill out this Speaking Engagement Form or by contacting my team directly.