July 12, 2016



“Having been in the world of professional speaking for more than 25 years, I have witnessed the performances of dozens of those who seek to share their message with audiences. One thing the best have in common is the ability to be polished and authentic at the same time. That ability is what most impressed me about Dominic’s speaking style. He is clearly utterly comfortable in front of the audience, utterly prepared, and utterly and charmingly himself.” – Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D., Speaker & Author on Unconscious Bias, Cross Cultural Competence

“Dominic is amazing! His speaking style is very inspiring.  He told funny stories people could relate to all while telling a very personal and moving story of his journey about overcoming obstacles and embracing opportunities along the way.  Dominic is wonderful to work with.  His personality is very sincere, and he was able to provide a personal story that encourages people to face difficult times head on.  It has helped me to see how obstacles can be faced with courage and determination.” – Lona Teague, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

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“Dominic’s speaking style is motivating and empowering. He really brings home the ideals he is focusing on. His story is inspirational, and overcoming that is a monumental feat.  It just goes to show, that anything is possible with focus and motivation. I have heard Dominic speak about many things, from business to health and all of the above.” – Ryan Sanford, CEO, Vesta Applications

“Dominic speaks from the heart and is very inspiring. Dominic and Plato are a great inspiration to all, especially those with hidden disabilities.  He received great praise from all who attended his training! Thank you so much Dominic!”– Special Agent Hemphill, Federal Bureau of Investigation

“Dominic has a wonderful talent for helping people go out of their comfort zone and achieve bigger goals. He helped me see that I could be a good leader and accomplish tasks that I would have never even tried previously.”  – Sharon H., Chuck Latham Associates

“Dominic is a natural leader, always willing to help others succeed! Excellent demeanor and attitude and a great sense of humor.” – Suzanne Paetzer, President, TriAra Consulting LLC

“Dominic is passionate, heartfelt and eager to share his story to show others they can overcome adversity. He helped our organization reach higher levels of sales through helping others tap into their “WHY”.”  – Mark G., Program Manager, The Great Voice Company

“From the beginning Dominic had engaged our group and held their attention. He spoke with a well organized presentation and delivered it with passion. Dominic has an unusual ability to engage in meaningful dialogue and develops relationships quickly.” – Jerry M,  CEO, ErgoFocus

“Dominic introduced himself to the room and grasped everyone with his large personality, contagious smile and endearing enthusiasm. He’s unbelievably reliable with solid integrity. He pulls the best out of those around him as an expansive thinker and commits completely to the event.” – Rebecca Kittle, Health Coach Rebecca Kittle