Podcast with Jeremy Jones of Jones Media Publishing!

I had an awesome time being a guest on Jeremy Jones’ podcast AskJeremyJones.com!

We covered some GREAT topics and he was kind enough to record a video of both of us so I could read his lips and make sure I answered his questions correctly.

A few of the things we covered in this podcast:

  • What is Exceptional Leadership
  • Why + Energy
  • How to become a Transformational Communicator

You can click here or below for the Podcast – it’s awesome!

Jeremy Jones is a media publisher with a keen interest in helping aspiring authors self-publish their works so they reap the maximum benefit from their ideas. His model is incredible and I was fascinated to learn more when we met for coffee and connected. Time flew and it ended up being a 2 hour + meeting!

You can visit his website TheBookDistrict for free resources and his eBook Power Authority – it’s a solid read!

Since then we’ve stayed connected and he’s been a fantastic resource for me and other contacts I’ve connected him with.

I see an awesome future for him and everyone that works with him!

You can follow Jeremy on his Twitter here for his updates and if you know anyone that is looking to self publish their works – send them to Jeremy!

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