Exceptional Success Tip #5

I’ll get right to it.

You know what your purpose is.

You know what you have to do to make your world a better place.

It’s time to talk about HOW you’re going to fulfill your purpose on a daily basis.

For me, it was many years before I figured out the HOW. I’m still working on it but the good thing is I know the WHY and I was motivated and inspired (there’s a difference between those two terms, BTW), to live my WHY  – but the challenge was always the how.  What is my mythical and mysterious HOW??

This is why you may be seeing or hearing a lot in your world about “Start with Why” or, “Know thy why”, and even entire organizations are rallying behind the “Why”…

I was taught by some highly successful individuals that if your WHY is bigger than the How, the process (the How) will begin to reveal itself to you through experience and time.

I’m generally not a very patient person but when I learned this vital piece of information my proverbial lights went off (more like a whole room full of light bulbs exploding) and I realized – Oh, my time will come, I just need to continue to be patient, gather experiences and keep living my Why every day!

This is why the FINAL Exceptional Success Tip (there will be more don’t worry!) is the most important to helping you fulfill your Exceptional Mission Statement.

Exceptional Success Tip #5

Learn To Create An IMPACT In Your Environment and Community.

Yes – an Impact.  And notice I added LEARN in the beginning.  It takes time and a process to do!

Creating an Impact is one of the most extraordinary and fulfilling things you can do to help you fulfill your Mission and your Purpose on a daily basis.  With this at the top of your mind, your TWA – Thoughts, Words and ACTIONS will resonate differently as your lifestyle revolves around Impacting your environment and people with your Ultimate Best Self.

Here’s a few ways/tips to help you develop and learn to create an Impactful Mindset.

Focus on Serving

We live in a world that unfortunately can sometimes feel more take than give.  We have to keep what’s ours, avoid sharing and it’s every person to themselves.  Me, Me, ME.  This is MY life, my job, My experience and My future.

What about those closest to you?  What about our families, co-workers, friends and those we lead.
Remember, you are the leader of your life and your environment.  By leading from SERVING our world begins to change as our mindset says “What can I do to improve your situation and make you better – so we both grow together?”  Essentially saying – How can I serve you?

The servant mindset really changed things for me personally.  I do my best to focus on serving my family, my teams, my students and my environment on daily basis.

Work on this mindset and you will begin to see your world shifting and changing as you create immediate impacts!

Show Appreciation with your TWA. – Thoughts, Words and Actions.

This one is self-explanatory but I will share a quick story that had a profound impact on me.  When I was younger I had to attend a School for the Deaf in Columbus, Ohio – where I grew up.  I remember being around the other kids (like me) and having a grand time since we were all the same and all learning ASL together.  One time I was out about with my Dad and we saw a kid similar aged as me in a wheelchair.  After asking my Dad what was wrong with him, he replied kindly “He’s exactly the same as us, and we should be thankful he’s able to live and breathe today.”

This changed my whole perspective and ever since then, if I ever see someone struggling or challenged in any way (or really anyone in general), I silently tell my thoughts “I appreciate you for being alive and well.”

Appreciate with your thoughts.

Say Thank you often and more.

And work on carrying yourself with a deeper appreciation of your world around you…

And finally,

Give your time

This is one of the most often overlooked yet SIMPLEST ways to create an Impact.  Giving the most precious resource we have on this planet – and that’s our time.

It’s so precious that once it’s used, it never replenishes.  Time is like an abundant tree with a certain amount of fruit that will never grow back.  You pick each fruit every day and we decide to use it however we want that day.  However – there’s only a certain amount available!

Giving our precious resource for the benefit of others, through volunteering or investing our time with causes that are close to us – enhances our immediate environment and can pay HUGE dividends to ourselves as well.

Being in the non-profit world for many years I’ve seen firsthand how the collection of efforts and individual’s time reaps AMAZING rewards for the community and those receiving the service.

I know you’re busy.  I know you have a family, job, dogs, Netflix, deadlines, meetings, books, facebook, SnapChat, etc. etc…

Give an hour (or two) a month of your time.  Tutor a child, help set up an event, mentor someone outside of your team.

Give, Give, Give – Your time.  When it all adds up you won’t regret it by ever saying.  “I wish I volunteered my time less…”

I promise.

Create an IMPACT and your world will respond in many positive ways.

Thanks for reading and being an amazing Human Being.

I hope these Exceptional Success Tips helped your life in some way to improve and become more Exceptional in your daily living.

More exciting things to come!

You deserve an Exceptional Life.



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