Exceptional Success Tip #1

Welcome to March!  I wanted to share Exceptional Success Tip #1 to help YOU elevate to your life personally and professionally.

When I was in my (younger) 20’s I had a unique opportunity to attend a specialized training (with about 500 other entrepreneurs, seminar junkies, and business leaders) to learn some additional skills, ideas and best practices for business.  I was sitting in the second row (to hear better and read lips of course), listening intently, when all the sudden the speaker pointed to me (yes to me, why me!?) and asked me point blank “Do you have a personal mission statement?”, and I can distinctly remember freezing up, face getting flushed thinking “What the heck, why did you call on me man!” and managing to say…”Umm, well…I think so…sure!”  He looked at me with a little smile and asked, “Ok, well what is it? Go ahead and share it!,” I then became SUPER nervous (it’s 500 people!) and mustered up some half-witted statement along the lines of “successful”, “money” and “helping people”. WHEW!  After that episode, I went to the restroom, found a stall, shut the door, and sat there frozen for 10 minutes.  I was beating myself up for not having a better answer but mostly that I had NO IDEA what my personal mission was…

What was I doing there?

What’s the freaking point!?

After that I vowed to work on my personal Mission Statement – a creed I would live by, swear by and become INSPIRED by on a daily basis.  Ever since that day I’ve lived by my personal Exceptional Mission Statement (EMS) that has helped me through my challenges, my wins, and finding true joy in my life, work and business.  My EMS has led me to meet incredible people and be introduced to opportunities to make my community, business and world a better place.  If you already have one, awesome!  You can use these tips to improve it, tweak it, or even share with your colleagues to help them.

Exceptional Success Tip #1


Here’s some life-work, (not homework because that’s for school)  but life-work – work you do in your life, all the time, and every day to improve yourself for the better!

1. Write down your Top 5 VALUES (Integrity, Family, Abundance, Personal Growth, Education, Diversity Etc.,).  Go ahead and grab that pen, it’s ok – you have nothing to lose and this is between you and me 🙂

2. Formulate your Exceptional Mission Statement (two sentences MAX) and start with an Action Oriented word or phrase.  For example: (To become….,To create…,To develop…,To serve….Etc.,)

3. Combine your Top 5 (or more) Values into your Sentences to create a MASTERFUL and POWERFUL Exceptional Mission Statement.

Remember – KEEP IT SIMPLE and SHORT.

Here’s mine:  To become an Exceptional Human Being and leave my world a better place than I found it.

Yep – it’s that simple, but to me – it means everything!  I hold myself to that standard ALL the time.

I hope that helped you a little…

If you’d like to share go ahead and Reply Back to team@dominicbartola.com with yours.  My team and I will review them and feature a few next week!

You deserve an Exceptional Life.

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