June 26, 2016

Becoming Exceptional

My FREE and Interactive eBook: Becoming Exceptional

Here’s what people are saying…

“…I really like the look of it, so clean and simple to read and it really helped me remember and focus on my WHY…”

“…I had no idea that I could fill it out and once I did, it really helped.  What a neat concept!”

“…thank you Dominic for being such an inspiration and sharing this, I’m going to send this to my entire staff as I know they will benefit so much from it!”

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“Hi Dominic. I just finished reading your e book. Couple of things. First, it was great to learn your whole story. I only knew bits and pieces, so to see how things started and how you have gone on your journey was very cool. You seem to have a knack for writing. Very simple, clear, made me want to follow what you were saying. Very relatable to many which I think is key. You should connect to anyone. Very inspiring. I can only imagine how you are when you speak. I’m actually going to use your guide and then make some additional comments back. I think the biggest thing you have done is provide some positiveness for people but then gave them a framework in which to take action. Meaning it’s great to hear someone talk and then think wow that’s very cool….but then walk away going….but I don’t know how to apply that to me. You’ve provided that for people. Excellent job and continued success Dominic. You deserve it.” – Gary L. (SVP)

Here’s a sample of what you will LEARN from Becoming Exceptional


…This is critical because developing your WHY is the beginning of all transformation, the foundation of your PURPOSE. A good place to start is ask to yourself “What makes me feel the best or happiest?” or “What qualities in people to I admire the most?”


…Our egos have a way of tricking us. One’s ego makes you think once you’ve had some success you don’t need anyone’s advice or input – you’ve got it all figured out right? NOPE, I mean, if we knew everything wouldn’t we have everything?


…Start simple. Small victories reap HUGE rewards over time. What have you been putting off that you can do today? Is there an email you can send? Someone you can call? Even if it’s just adding ONE more person to your business list – it’s an action and it counts!