June 28, 2016



Hi there.

My name is Dominic.

I’m a speaker, entrepreneur, author and a super enthusiast of life looking to make the world a better place than I found it.

My goal here is to share my gifts with you.  Since you’ve come to this page to learn a little more about how I came to be – here you go!

a little (or more) about me…

My life has been a constant road of challenges, failures and self-development.  I was born with virtually no hearing (about 90% loss) in both ears and the doctors at the time (in the old days of budding tech) told my Dad and family that I would not be able to speak for the rest of my life.  I would be a mute that could only use sign language to communicate and attend deaf schools to receive my education.  I would struggle in a world of verbal communication and that would be that…

Thankfully, my (amazing) Dad wasn’t having it and took matters in his own hands.  So with the help of a TON of people, volunteers, my Dad of course (he drilled my speech daily!), and semi-ok hearing aids – I was able to overcome several speech impediments (stutter, lisp, etc.) and teach myself how to speak naturally and with more and more confidence.

I’ve uploaded my Audio-gram from Arizona State University’s Speech and Hearing Center for you to see HERE .  If you haven’t met me yet, I just trained myself REALLY hard on lip reading, body language, and putting it all together for it to make sense to me…Here’s another one if you’re curious (from Tri-City Audiology).

Of course this didn’t happen overnight and took about 15 years to get it right…

There’s still words I struggle with, and now I just have fun with them and I’m constantly learning new things to pronounce.  The great news is that I can proudly share that I can now speak very well and often told my speech is better than most.


Funny how life works, the greater your challenges the more awesome your rewards can be…

Improved communication led me to meet some great people and develop professionally in several ways.  To put my professional experiences in a nutshell, (I go over them in more detail in my courses) I’ve worked in MANY fields from restaurants, sales, retail, education, health and wellness, technology, leadership sales, Etc.  You name it, I’ve most likely tried it!  I even did surveys at a mall where I was tasked to approach random people to fill out surveys because one of mentors thought “it would be good for me and get me out of my Comfort Zone (or CZ as he called it).  I also spent a year or so “marketing” sun-rooms to people walking around a Sam’s Club…let’s just say I embrace rejection and I learned a lot from those experiences!

Thankfully (more like thank HEAVENS), entrepreneurship has always been my ally and since I was a teenager I’ve always owned something or created opportunities for myself.  Landscaping (my first one!), a restaurant venture, technology sales, and even health supplements, and some not so successful enterprises (which I learned a lot from!).  I’m now heavily invested in helping small businesses and non-profit missions with transforming and enhancing their Leadership Strategies, Communication Development and Diversity Awareness.  – This is what I’m most passionate about!

It’s only the beginning…

As a result of all these experiences and furthering my own education, I was presented with a wonderful opportunity to become a college professor (yep, you read that right) for a local college in Phoenix teaching Leadership, Management and Marketing.  This was the last thing I thought I would ever do.  This worked out incredibly because I love helping people, and love to teach!  What started out as a favor for a friend has become a great passion of mine.

Over the last several years, I was able to watch my students transform and tell me that my classes were one of the best they’ve ever been in.  Soon after that, random people shared how “inspiring” I am and how much “I helped them overcome their challenges.” After experiencing this quite often, I decided something MORE needed to be done.  This is WHY I created this website, my future online course programs and published my first Interactive eBook: Becoming Exceptional.

Nonetheless, the challenges and daily struggles showed me that anything is possible and anyone can build their confidence to achieve a goal or a dream, because it happened to me.

I just wanted to do one thing – PROVE that it can be done and that I can be the BEST speaker I knew.  As a result of my improved speech and constantly stretching and getting out of my comfort zone, I was able to slowly build my public speaking confidence and learn to speak professionally in public in front of hundreds of audiences! From this I had a chance to meet some amazing people!  I now speak professionally every week and have had some great opportunities to be on TV, share my passions and hope to inspire those around me to become better and be greater than they ever thought was possible.  Seriously, if I can do this – SO CAN YOU.

So far (as of this writing)  my work, strategies and development has generated over $5 million in sales for my businesses and clients.  I have also been fortunate enough to have worked closely with local and national non-profits to raise over $13 million for their local programs.  This is something I’m extremely proud of and continue to work hard daily to accomplish.  The community I live in is very important to me and my family.

However, A question was always nagging me…

How can I help many more individuals regardless their background or ability, become MORE successful in their lives by sharing how I did it and show them they can do it too?

That’s when this idea and website was born and now you get to be a part of it to take away all the secrets I’ve acquired, learned and researched extensively.  I’ve put in hundreds of hours of reading (I LOVE to read), researching methodologies (that actually work) and into mentors and business leaders that have reached the peak of their lives.

View More: http://letmeseeyousparklephoto.pass.us/06-11-16-dominic--melanie

I obviously didn’t achieve everything on my own and I personally had TONS of help, (even when I was frustrated and ready to give up), I had some great individuals in my corner.

From my incredible father, millionaire mentors, amazing friends and family the path was shown to me and through many trials, failures and ups and downs, I stayed on track and kept going forward.  Today, I enjoy life as much as possible with my wonderfully sweet (and gorgeous) wife (whew I’m lucky!) and our Yellow Lab named Plato – a Hearing Dog that I received in 2013 from Canine Companions for Independence.  He’s one of the true reasons I have what I have today.  I’m extremely blessed and appreciate the gifts I’ve been given and worked hard to acquire.

Now I want to SHARE these gifts with you.

If it was easy, everyone would do it or be too lazy not to.  There are quite a few individuals that let their insecurities, disabilities, and their mindsets hold them back…so it’s time TO CHANGE THAT.  

(If you read this far and you are inspired, I challenge you to develop yourself, enhance yourself, and let yourself be guided to a better, newer you!)

That’s enough about me…let’s get on with developing YOU.  Be sure to grab my Interactive (and Free) eBook – Becoming Exceptional and check out the online courses when they go live.

Now is the time to develop yourself into an EXCEPTIONAL human being!

What’s holding you back?

To your everlasting success,